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KEATON VEST: How to sew inseam pockets

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One of the main features of the KEATON vest are the hidden inseam pockets. Follow along this step-by-step photo tutorial to make your own!

Step 1

STEP 1: Right sides together and matching notches, pin one pocket piece to the lower front. Sew together inbetween the two notches.

Step 2

STEP 2: Clip to (but not through!) the notches and press pocket upwards and away from the lower front piece.

STEP 3: While still facing away from the lower front piece, understitch the pocket between the notches (make sure that the seam allowance lies under the pocket) and press. Flip the pocket like in the photo above and press again. 

Step 4

STEP 4: Place the second pocket piece on top of the first one, right sides together. Sew together from one notch to the other. Make sure not to catch the actual garment (the lower front piece). You can simply fold the lower front piece away or even pin it out of the way. Finish the pocket seams.

 Ps: if you want a neatly finished pocket bag, don’t rush it and accidentally hit the foot pedal too hard – like I did ;)! 


With right sides together, match lower and upper front. Pin in place and stitch together. Take your time and be careful NOT to stitch throught the outer edge of the pocket.